Hybridity. Text. Translation. Teaching

Editor: Edmond Kembou
Series: mitSPRACHE
Publisher: LIT Verlag

The 2022 ATRC Symposium, under the theme „Hybridity: Text – Translation – Teaching,“ explored the multifaceted concept of hybridity from both research and methodological perspectives. Its principal objective was to kindle interest and enhance understanding of hybridity’s complexities and the rich potential it holds within research and educational settings. The forthcoming edited volume, titled „Hybridity.Text.Translation.Teaching“, will feature a selection of expanded papers initially presented by various authors at the symposium. These papers investigate the numerous aspects of hybridity, encompassing its translational, methodological, and pedagogical dimensions. Below is a sneak peek at some of the papers set to be included in the volume, which anticipates release this year (2024) by LIT Verlag (more to come):