Heidrun Gerzymisch-Arbogast, Sandra Nauert (Hrsg.)
Reihe: Mutra – Marie Curie Conference series 2005 - 2007
Verlag: Mutra Journal, ATRC Group
Erscheinungsjahr: 2008
ISBN 069-1306222

Part I: Positioning Multidimensional Translation

Heidrun Gerzymisch-Arbogast (Saarbrücken)
Introducing Multidimensional Translation

Jorge Dìaz-Cintas (London)
Back to the Future in Subtitling

Henrik Gottlieb (Copenhagen)
Multidimensional Translation: Semantics turned Semiotics

Yvonne Griesel (Berlin)
Are Theatre Surtitles an Adequate Mode of Translation? Towards an Integrative View of Translation in the Theatre

Minako O’Hagan (Dublin)
Multidimensional Translation: A Game Plan for Audiovisual Translation in the Age of GILT

Part II: The Multidimensional Potential: Translating Culture

Helmut Diekmann (Helsinki)
Strategies for Translating from Finnish into German and vice versa

Brigitte Horn-Helf (Münster)
Visualized Information in Multilingual Translations

Jan Pedersen (Stockholm)
How is Culture rendered in Subtitles?

Peter Sandrini (Innsbruck)
Website Localization and Translation

Nilgin Tanis Polat (Izmir)
Cultural Leeways and Discourse in Narrative Texts

Part III: Multidimensional Interpreting?

Claudio Bendazzoli & Annalisa Sandrelli (Bologna, Forlì)
An approach to Corpus-Based Interpreting Studies: Developing EPIC (European Parliament Interpreting Corpus

Gertrud Hofer (Zurich)
Court Interpreting: Practical Experience and Implications for Training Interpreters

Mira Kadric (Vienna)
Court interpreting in the context of the EU and new requests

Annalisa Sandrelli (Bologna, Forlì)
Designing CAIT (Computer-Assisted Interpreter Training) Tools: Black Box

Part IV: MultidimensionalTranslation and Beyond

Susanne Wagner (Halle)
Intralingual Speech-to-Text Conversion in Real Time: Challenges and Opportunities

Mathias Wagner (Saarbrücken)
How to make a Haptic Device Help Touch Virtual Histological Slides